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Fuck micro stakes

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New spot!
  NewbSaibot, Aug 01 2018

So it's time. Looking to relocate to a new poker spot. Quick recap, moved in with that girl, things were ok in the beginning but it has run its course. I actually feel kinda bad now because she's madly in love with me and I dont really feel anything for her at all. Then again I think she may be confusing love with loneliness and she's just looking for someone to settle down with, frequently commenting on how she doesnt want to die alone etc. Believe me I can appreciate that, but I just dont feel anything for her anymore.

Anyway the online poker thing failed, I lost my 3k as quickly as I won it, in no small part due to playing zoom poker. It was great getting paid off by anonymous donks on ignition with inexplicably bad hands, but it's also easy to run KK into AA and get felted by every slowplayed set 10 times in a row. I've been driving for Uber/Lyft in the meantime to make ends meet. Back to live it is, but not in jax!

One of the biggest gripes I ever had about playing in jacksonville FL, in fact the only gripe I had, was the shortstackers. This is pretty common for live but goddamn it's so frustrating, especially when you show up for the waiting list just to get put on a new table with nothing but $100 minbuys at a 2/5 game. And then when they win a big pot they take their $300 and sit in the 5/10 PLO game upstairs. It became such an issue the card room finally bumped the minimum buyin up to 40BB, which helps I suppose, but still a far cry from playing the more enjoyable full stacked poker. The game selection was also always a tiny bit limited, usually 5 tables of 2/5 running, mix of regs, recs, and a few tourists. But lets get real, jax is not a tourist town so you're never really getting these out of towner whales unless there's a huge BBJ running or tournament in town.

So doing my due diligence it seems as though a few new spots opened up for consideration; Tampa, Washington DC, and Houston. So lets do a little pros & cons breakdown.

Tampa pros: best weather, best city, best social life, best quality of living, best women, casino opened 24/7

Tampa cons: single casino, 40BB buyins, possibly reg infested, semi-touristy town.


DC pros: 2 casinos, Maryland Live which is renowned among the region with very juicy games, brand new MGM right next to airport/city center attracting all of the fancy businessmen, tons of tourism.

DC cons: terrible weather, terrible social life, terrible standard of living, very expensive, major female:male defecit.


Houston pros: legal homegames, numerous recently established card rooms that operate on the home game principal, all play extremely deep, TIME RAKE TIME RAKE TIME RAKE TIME RAKE!!!, decent female population, good standard of living

Houston cons: meh weather, meh social life (???), games might run too big, possibly nothing but regs/locals


Now before we go any further lets take a look at that big fat bold in the houston category. Because gambling is illegal in texas no game can take a rake. However homegames for real money are completely legal so long as the house doesnt get a cut, and you can literally find dozens of nightly games running all over the city from a simple google search. I've been there and done it and they are legit. Some enterprising minds decided to take the next step and open up full fledged card rooms under the homegame principle. This has drew the ire of city officials and nobody knows if it's all going to get shut down or not, but for now these rooms look like mini casinos. They are lavish, well apointed, fully staffed, professional dealers, hot waitresses, full bar, full menu, real food, lounge, tv's, very nice seating, etc. A couple of the rooms themselves look absolutely stunning. They circumvent the system via standard time rake/membership deal. $15 door fee + $15/hr seat.

Everything I have read about the houston games says that while they advertise them as 1/3 games, the max buyin is 300BB's or up to the big stack. 10-15k on the table is very common and with opening raises between $20-$50 and even legendary $100 opens from tilted whales late at night the games have been rumored to be this hidden hush hush poker oasis. Saw a pic of Sammy Farha one night and some instagram pros winning 14k pots with their bragworthy "2.5k buyin 22k cashout" chip porn posts. The time tokens cannot be paid from your stack, so all the money stays on the table! They have memberships to ease the daily door fee's but the $15/hr stays. Considering almost any casino is usually taking $7 per hand in rake then the time structure seems like an obvious win.

Concerns? Well, these games may be a bit *too* deep for me. Some of them turn into 1/3/5/10/25 degen fests and if they all entirely revolve around the local elites then I'll just never be able to get in. However I wont really know until I go there since nobody is expressly talking about it. You can even call the rooms and the hostess will brag over the phone about how their 1/3 game is playing like a 5/10 to entice you to come over.


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  NewbSaibot, Apr 17 2018

Been awhile... actually I couldnt connect to for like the last 6 months, not sure why site would just time out. Was randomly clicking bookmarks today and it opened up!

So much has happened... for starters, my pretty little cheapo Saab blew up on me Coolant jug sprung a leak and before I knew it my temp gauge was red lining while driving home. Pulled over, popped the hood and some hose blew off and started spraying boiling coolant everywhere. Luckily my training kicked in and I was able to do an aerial split tsukahara flyaway and didnt get any on me. But I was told I blew a head gasket and warped the cylinder heads. Estimate to fix? $4000. So much for my piddling little poker bankroll I was growing. And my checking account. And my savings. Any literally every last dime I had to my name.

Since the repairs were more than the car was worth I junked it and got a loan for a newer car that is certainly more reliable and one in which any repair shop can work on. I bought a 2013 Nissan Altima. 67k miles and seems to be in great condition, only downside is that due to declaring bankruptcy last year I got stiffed with a 16% APR loan lol. But I really had no choice, because no car = no job.

Which brings us around full circle, because I finally quit my job! How did I quit my job with no poker bankroll, no income at all to speak of, and a car loan on top? Easy, by just giving up on life! You can do it too! In reality I put my last $500 on to ignition and decided I was going to move home where I could sleep on my mom's couch and live rent free for a bit until I got a job again. I quit my current job because it was making me borderline suicidal. I hated it so much. I worked IT for a collection agency which has to be one of the most subhuman morally reprehensible industries on earth. While I wasnt doing the thieving, just working there made me so ashamed. What a fucking trash company that was. And after my 1 year anniversary and numerous discussions about a raise and promotion, coupled with completing the most important project our team was tasked with in the last 5 years, I get passed over with a "ok so we're gonna put you on a review period for this promotion, unpaid of course to see if you can handle it, and then reconvene next quarter". I walked out of the meeting, gathered my personal belongings, left the office and never came back. I just cant bring myself to get horse fucked that badly. Call it pride or whatever, but I have a few principles in me and running the entire desktop support team by myself, overworked, no overtime (just told to take long lunch breaks to make up for it) and meeting all objectives just to be given the endless runaround? No sir, fuck you. FUUUUUUCK YOU. I fucking hope it stung them as bad as they did me leaving the dept in shambles and forcing them to miss all their deadlines for the next big software upgrade cycle since I was the only one who knew how to assemble the packages.

Anyyyyyyyway... so this new girl I was seeing at the time invited me to come stay with her rather than move out of state, and in that time I've been grinding my online roll using hilariously bad bankroll management up to 3k playing NL200 now. This means I can actually pay my bills. I'm pretty sure Ive been running hot but hey we all deserve a little rungood sometimes dont we? I actually do NOT intend to move up any higher since my goal now is just self-sustainability, and NL200 seems to offer that. I can afford my car payment, my tiny bit of gas since i dont drive anywhere, and food in my belly. All things considered thats all I need right now. If and when I grind up to 10k or something I may or may not start playing live again, namely because I am really enjoying the freedom and lack of expenses associated with playing online. I'd probably rather grind NL200 online than 2/5 live. Those tips/food/gas/accommodations really take a bite out of your earnings.

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It begins
  NewbSaibot, Sep 01 2017

So quick recap -- went pro, played 2/5, did well, lived paycheck to paycheck, spent bankroll, almost homeless, got a job, got a car, and finally this month we're back at the felt. Live poker obviously, since it's the only thing I feel comfortable playing.

We started mid august at 2/2 with about about $1000 in our roll. I kinda figured I dont need a whole bankroll to at least get the ball rolling. If I drop 500BB's right out the gate then whatever, but if I can begin crushing right out the gate that just puts us that much closer to going pro again.


I'm proud of myself. Not so much for my play but just for the goals im setting and the goals I intend to follow. Lets just pretend for a moment I won the 500k bad beat; I'd keep my car. I'd keep my apt. I'd play 2/5, and literally nothing would change. Thats what fucked me up before. I got greedy and thanks to bad habits from my old jobs where I could just spend everything I made I set myself up for failure since as a poker player you must always be saving. While I dont believe in supernatural shit, I do think it was as good a time as any to go busto, since I was taught a valuable lesson before it was too late. Had I moved up to 5/10 or something and lost it all with no backup plan I could have been seriously screwed.

In fact at times I did flirt with suicidal thoughts. I doubt I would have ever committed but then again, if I was on the street sleeping in my car that 9mm hollowpoint in the arm rest might have seemed like a good way out.

Anyway working a 9-5 job definitely sucks but hey, it kept a roof over my head and put food on the table. It's an entry level IT position I'm ridiculously over qualified for but beggars cant be choosers. I couldnt look for a higher paying job anyway since I was in the midst of a bankruptcy filing and having too much income can make that a problem. I was in the sweet spot to write off 50k in debt yet afford a 1 bedroom apartment without having my wages garnished. Now that that's been taken care of my life can finally get on track. God it feels good to be playing again.

Only other interesting tidbit was banging a coworker and then having her ex-fiance show up at her apt in a coke induced rage. One of those moments where I'm not sure if I wanted to be armed or not. We pretty much broke things off tonight since clearly that shit hasnt been handled yet. Sucks but I guess it's for the best, especially since I probably shouldnt be spending money on females right now..... then again that waitress at the card room is so fucking hot........

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